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Another day another axe

Another week and yet another guitar, this is my second Gibson Gary Moore Les Paul signature and its a cracker not a mark or scratch in sight :-).
I love Ebay you know there is so much to choose from and in these desperate days of austerity there is soooo much going cheap, cash is king and best of all these just don’t depreciate so its better then money in the bank, if you don’t believe me just check out Gibson blog.
Now picking the right guitar is the knack and whilst I would love to get it right every time I’m sure I have acquired a couple of poor choices.
Regardless the thing l love about guitars are they look fantastic and you get to play with them, now try that with your savings account; hey Dave bring your ISA round we can compare balances just is not as inspirational as having a jam or wow that’s a pretty savings account can I try it?

And lastly when you get out a classic Gibson Les Paul or Fender Stratocaster you feel like a reel Rock ‘n’ Rolla, I mean just for a second there when you pick it up, put it round your neck, plug in the amp you are David Gilmour, Eric Claption, Jimi Hendrix etc etc the list goes on on and that feeling gets better and better (does help if you can play :-)).

Now were else do you get that feeling for a measly $250,000 hahaha