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British Superbikes; opps I think I dropped it

Snetterton British Superbikes pit babes

Well what can I say boys and their toys was definitely the part of the course at the British Superbikes at Snetterton last weekend, and when the boys weren’t looking at the bikes they were looking at the girls; I knew there was a reason I went.

A short blast up through along country roads from my home in Essex to the thunder of the ex WW2 Airfield at Snetterton in Norfolk where once the mighty US 8th Airforce were stationed with their rather ‘in ya face’ B17’s, not that the East of England was not littered with airfields during those troubled years but as I understand the ones based as Snetterton had a rather tough time of it with the second highest lost rate of all the airfields check out Wikipedia for a more indepth piece.

I was there for a more altogether lighter occasion although I am not sure it was any quieter, with lots of thrills and spills racing was great and the place was packed and why not it was glorious weather. The aim of my visit was definitely to give the camera good workout and although feeling some camera envy (I only have a Canon 40D and a 70-200 IS F4) and there were lots of big in ya face cameras about (probably Americans back again) I am still please with the results after all it’s not how big ya lens is it’s where you stick it. Would love one day to get the opportunity to get down where all the press guys are I mean what a fab job and you don’t have to put up with all the crowd getting in the way just when your capturing the shot of the day; geezus can that guys head get any bigger?

But hey I turned up on a Ducati haha all those Honda and Suzuki folks get a real bike, something with class and style as only the Italians can make, your Jap thunderbolts may be fast but they lack presence!! I mean I listened to all those high revving 4’s that were flying round but the Ducati 1198 twins sounds just so sexy, does it really matter if they win I don’t think so well I would say that as they didn’t but hey one has to have PMA.

I found myself at one point watching a crash and thinking I can’t wait to see that again in slow motion, it suddenly dawned on me that this was live and not on TV; there would be no repeat, no multiple camera angles no commentary. I had to laugh realising how immersed I had become in watching sport on TV and in some way how reality really did not live up to my desires but it did remind me of one thing; life is all in the moment and then Poof like that its gone.