© 2010 kimyfa Schecter Strategy stratocaster

Its only Rock’n’Roll but I light it

Yes another day another guitar, geeze I think I need more space well certainly to photograph them.

Picked up this Schecter Strategy the other day off Ebay, when it arrived my eyes rolled and I thought geeze what a piece of crap. Well since stripping it down, cleaning all the grim off, oiling the fretboard, stripping and cleaning the trem, reassembling and a compete setup with new strings it ain’t half bad if I do say so.
Twin humbuckers with split coils, floating trem and locking nut and it weighs in at an incredible 9lb 1oz, yes a Stratocaster that’s as heavy as a Les Paul Classic well 1oz shy, the body is real solid as they were back in the early 80’s and it has bags of tone. I guess its not as nicely made as the US jobs then is not even a quarter of the price, hang it on the wall, play it hard and if it gets a dent then there’s no tears all adds to the old relic feel anyways.

As for the pic picked up some bed sheets from a local store that was going down and not in the way a cheap $10 hooker goes down but in the way of a burgeoning economy in the throws of austerity measures goes down, its like living aboard the Titanic knowing that at any minute your country might hit that proverbial iceberg. Anyways I digress so I got the bed sheet hung behind thought blue might contrast the red of the guitar, stuck a Canon 550ex behind the guitar pointing at the body so to get that red reflection tinge with just enough power to bleach out some of the blue 1/64th I thing, and than a 580ex above to the right with a snoot on at 1/128th or there abouts. Shot on a Canon 40D in manual f2.8 @ 1/30 s did a few of these trying all sorts of lighting levels and snoot constriction.

I think I am getting guitar OCD, I blame an ex work colleague who had a large collection and also the there is nothing like feeling like a REAL Rock’n’Rolla, plug in the Marshall 200 watt head and dial it right up to 1/2 of 1, even if mine went to 11 it would be pointless my neighbours would kill me from the ruins of their demolished house. Its like Marty in the original Back to the Future, when you turn the marshal on the thud that goes through the cab says ‘I am the law round here, I am the Marshall!!’