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After attempting to vist a garden shed emporium and finding it shut on a Sunday we were, with tails between our proverbial legs, motivated to find a stimulating alternative. Something that would pass for mild entertainment to lift our spirits and distract us from the loss we felt for shiplap and creosote. So with determination in our hearts we stumbled around blindly and happened upon the Henry Moore foundation near Much Hadham in Hertfordshire. This was going to be a cultural experience I had always known I would always have to face, to experience modern art and at some level try not to be confused, this was culture and well I’m just not used to that.

In amazement I did not come out in a rash, have palpitations or any other reaction that Julie might have expected, we did in fact have a very congenial afternoon with art in the garden or at least dirty big sculptures in a field with sheep!! And I have to say it all looked rather well hmmm odd to me.

This shot was of a small part of one bronze section of a massive sculpture, I was more drawn to the detail of the metal than the art itself, it seem to have so much more in it. HDR shot from my Canon 7D with a Tokin 11-16 f/2.8

Check out the face bottom right, only saw that when I rotated the shot, its detail in the metal not added by photoshop or any such trickery!

And yes I am a philistine!!