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Bloody knackered

Well this is just a short post, this is me after running the Halstead Fun Run. Who ever thought running 5 miles up and down hills on a rain and windswept day was supposed to be fun needs a bloody checkup from the neckup!
And yes I was stupid enough to turn up and then crazy enough to actually run, did I feel good at the end of it? Mmm leave that to the post mortem. But it’s all ok as I got a medal, and there was a really cute piece of ass in front to try to keep up with, i think it was not wanting to loose view of that that perfect heavenly sensual body as it moved in rhythm to pounding (I swear I can still see it) as the much as anything else and kept me going through the wind and rain, the tears and the pain! oh to be 20 years younger :-p mmmmmmmm

This is also another first as this is coming straight from my iPhone, I often wonder how I managed in the time before ‘i’. I mean life must have been just so dull, my mind boggles well at least the F1 was a fantastic race and Alonso definately deserved that victory

P.s. I failed she was far to youthful for me 🙁