Now is Singapore a nice place or what? Only got to to spend a day here but in a region of the world where corruption is rife and nothing seems to work properly this small island stands out, obviously I blame the British for laying any seeds of civic responsibility but in truth it appears to all be pretty well organized and run and that’s probably from its first days of independence in order to achieve what they now have.
The two thing’s that really stand out is its clean and there is money, not that I would want to pay a hefty fine for cycling on the wrong pavement or eating a McD’s in the wrong place; $500 Singapore does seem a little excessive but if that’s what it takes to maintain this metropolis of Eden in South East Asia then so be it. I can certainly see why so many expats like living here, it has everything one could expect from a modern western city like London or New York but is within a couple of hours flight of some of the most exotic holiday destinations in the world as well as some some of the top cities like Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing.
The skyline is extremely aesthetic from the harbour to downtown, the fact they have not bulldozed the old colonial buildings in order to make way for the skyscrapers is a credit to their planning and it intermingles the old with the new in a montage of time rarely seen in a modern capitalist city. But there is space here in Singapore ones does not stifled or claustrophobic or hemmed in, the cricket pitch and tennis courts of a bygone era take pride of place next to the towering HSBC building just the thing for a sunny afternoon; tennis and Pimms anyone?
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