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Canterbury reloaded

Well its been a long time since I was in Canterbury last in fact so long I hate to think about it, Margaret Thatcher was probably probably in power if not Harold Wilson; think I’m showing my age 🙁
Anyways we (My Julie and I; no I do not have the windscreen visor or the shell suit and yes she is a fit bird 😉 hahaha) decided to go on a trip for a few days to the south coast and see some of the delights Kent has to offer and for all those doubters out there there are some lovely spots as long as its not around the Medway. Started in Dover taking in the new display at Dover Castle on Operation Dynamo which was very enjoyable, underground tunnels deep in the bowls of the chalk cliffs from where the repatriation of so many troops during the Dunkirk evacuations was commanded from. All very informative and the multimedia display was very good using the tunnels walls as a screen gave a great visual spectacle with footage of men wading through surf and ships charging through the waves, the sounds of wars echoing round the tunnels.
Took out a National Heritage membership whilst there, well actually extended the ‘my Julies’ and what a good decision that turned out to be, I’m not going to say that entry to the various attractions we would vist was expensive or excessive but if your going to visit a few of the places then it soon mounts up. I think I must have nearly recouped the membership costs in the few places we visited and I still have the whole year left to enjoy even more; a bargin if I do say so.

Anyways I digress so from there onto Deal and the castles of hmm Deal and Walmer which were well castlely and old and historic and all those good things.

Culminated with a visit to Canterbury and the cathedral, well I’m agnostic to say the least but one can only be inspired by architecture of such elegance; a truly magnificent structure and although not cheap and I don’t particularly agree with churches charging for entry (but then I guess thats capitalism for you and the need to make money) to get into it is worth the dosh to mix with all the tourists and feel truly foreign for a bit.

Shot with a Canon 40D, Tokina 11-16mm F2.8 at the wide end, 3 shots 2 stops apart and HDR’d with Photomatix.