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Ankor Wat

This post is well late !!! Could not get a decent connection in Siam Reap so having to post this from the coast.

Ankor Wat and the surrounding temples was a long day, we got up before sunrise to see the the sun come up over the famous temple and watched it go down from another temple this obviously all required plenty of bug spray but was a well worth exercise. If your expecting the most inner secrets of the world to be reveled when the sun breaks the pagoda then sorry to dissapoint but it is a very pretty sight for those willing to forego ther sleep and well worth the effort.

The actual area is made up of many temples all built by different kings of the Khmer empire and although Ankor Wat is the biggest and is truly fantastic I’m not sure its the most interesting, the temples where they shot the Tomb Raider movie is by far the coolest; all overgrown with strangler figs and in a pretty poor state with crumbling walls and roofs where gravity, nature and time has exerted its influence on there basic construction methods. You really feel like your in the middle of the jungle; shame about all the tourists haha.