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Recently returned from 10 days in the Puglia region of Italy, being very fortunate in the fact that my sister owns a rather lovely Trulli down there and thats where we camped. Well not really camped as it is the height of luxury (www.holidaypuglia.eu and see Trulli Bellissimo) anyways enough of that blatant plug. Arrived the same day as sis and her hubby Keith, they had driven down but I was smart and I flew. I thought to hell with all that ash if this sucker goes down then so will I; excuse me young lady opps 🙂
So got there and the builders had been in the place so it was a bit of a mess, fortunately some really nice people by the name of Chris and Ros put us up, they own La Casa Vita which is also a very scrummy trulli, before you ask they were not total stranger well not to my sis anyways.
So the holiday started off as was appropriate with drinking with new friends into the early hours, working hard days in fields and generally being gratuitous healthy. Trullo Bellissimo was in need of some TLC the Olive trees had grown as had the meadow and well don’t ask about the flower beds and with new guests were arriving in a few weeks there was little time to look are ponder.
Anyways luckily the weather it was fantastic and we all got to work; some obviously did more work than others well I was on holiday but all in all a very relaxing time with not a computer screen in sight.

Fortunately though was not all work and no play and the fotki opportunities were pretty good to say the least, those gorgeous blue Med skies came out just for me; they went away the day I left haha. The landscape around Puglia is lovely as are the little whitewashed towns like Ostuni that sit high on the hills overlooking the coastal plains, little cobbled streets with crazy Italians zooming around them in their 3 wheeled vans. But on a serious note the locals were very friendly even if they did not speak a word of English and sign language seemed to be totally lost on them.

So the food it was marvelous and well need you ask about the wine; yes I did get a hangover and the flight home well that was somewhat comatosed 🙂