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Ok so this is a bit late but hey better late than never anyways its not so much about Singapore but about my IPhone 4 and Autostitch. Autostitch is a great app that well stitches multiple images together in the phone and also does a great job with the variances in exposure of the different frames. This shot was from the waterfront in Singapore near the opera house, after travelling down through Thailand and then Malaysia I have to admit Singapore was a breath of fresh air; it CLEAN in fact so clean I could imagine eating my dinner of the sidewalk with the aid of a plate and a knife and fork but hey you get my drift and things there worked and it was just sooooo nice. The city is really sweet they have retained all the old buildings rather than bulldoze them, the cricket ground is right in the centre a perfect space to just relax. Yes Singapore is very nice miss it and its your loss, will have to go back one day and spend a little more time 1 day is really not enough.