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Singapore or bust

Well been on the road now a few days and almost at the end of the first leg 🙁 has it been fun? Mmm well I cannot say it’s not, it’s tiring however I have just found out that in Indonesia I will travel through the province where that volcano has blown it’s load; YES!! Now that could be fun if not a little Dangerous!
Been through Thailand; Bangkok was as manic as usual got to love that town, Krabi was good a place to relax and ease down, blow some bubbles been a long rime 14yrs but the sea life was quite impressive Lion fish and all.
Kuala Lumpur Mmm what can you say about those twin towers apart from OMG they are so impressive, I mean there is big and there is really big and those are really big.
In Melaka currently it’s pretty, pretty like toy town, reminds me of Vietnam it’s like quaint.
So yes Singapore is approaching soon and then the adventure begins…….