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Viva Nha Trang

Jumped on the sleeper out of Siagon at 11pm last night and settled into a rather mmm basic sleeping compartment, it was comfortable enough but the toilets left a lot to be desired I mean if you desired those toilets you had to be pretty desperate. The train left spot on time, impressed indeed now they could teach the railnetworks in the UK a thing or two, get it on time or face correctional training haha.

Arrived in Nha Trang at 5:30am and stumbled from from the bunk half asleep negotiating ones way past the hawkers, talkers and just plain in the ways, could have been worse at least I arrived with everything. Hotel room not ready until 12 so had breakfast a whole $1.50 the off to the mineral mud baths for a relaxing play in the mud which was considerably more but was extremely refreshing, bathing in water at 38 deg is recommended especially when one is tired and its raining. Yes indeedy its been raining most of the day but cleared up this arvo for a nice hike along the beach and through the poorer or should I say shanty town.

The locals despite their poverty are just so friendly, they all seemed to want to have their photos taken gesturing as you walk along to take the snap, funny when you think about how other countries behave could not image British folks being that friendly; lesson to be learnt me thinks. Nha Trang has probably changed alot since the days when it crawled with US service men, the sea front is becoming home to a swathe of rather large 5 star hotels towering over what is allegedly the best beach in Nam, one can see that soon the locals will have little left on this picturesque coastline.