© 2012 kimyfa

In the shade

Got reading Syl Arena’s Speedlighters Handbook and it sort of got me creative, one might say his picture of some domino’s inspired me to get thinking so I came up with this. Its meant to represent idea of us mere mortals with our few pounds being left totally in the shade by big business, ok so the big business money horde might not appear so big in this pic; never had enough chips, the largest I had was a 100’s and I should have used a solitary 1 but but
but yada yada yada. Yes I’m waffling now just to wait for the 7D to arrive yes Yes YES!!

Anyways shot with a Canon 40D, Sigma 28-70mm f2.8 @ f11, a single Canon 580ex fired by Yongnuo triggers, I would draw a picture but I lost my crayons 🙁