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Music to ones ear’s?

After a relatively quiet period in guitar acquisition, collection enhancement and manic spending the cycle has been broken with two additions yep that’s right not one but two. But why two I hear you say well by my reckoning I have two hands and can therefore produce twice as much crap music to get the neighbour howling in twice as much pain, only thing is dropped the Boogie over to Jimmy Saviles to fix it well not the real Jimmy Savile he don’t do the fix it no more but the guys Ben and John at Proamp services (07510 294586) right here in North Essex. Supposedly these guys are the dogs bollocks around valve amplifiers and the way John pulled my baby apart and started prodding with his instrument was well quite disturbing,

well not sure about that buzz but you need a re-bias

sure guys whatever you say dah di do dah mmm can I play with that pencil there on the desk?

See my baby won’t stop buzzing when you pull the switch but that’s another story, so in a fit of desperation I run it over. I know it the relay switching to the lead channel but with my multi meter and my loathing for getting hit by 460V DC I thought better of trying to probe to deeply.

Anyways back to the guitars in particular the Tom Anderson T Classic above, these are one very sweet instrument and the neck is absolutely to die for; shame I can’t play but I can molest you just have to listen to the twangs and twings to work that out. So yeah I could spout on about the dull stuff you know its this and has that but in reality does it matter its what you do with it that counts right and well I hung it on my wall 🙂

945Also got a Gibson Les Paul classic now that’s a different story, yes it’s pretty but it’s not in quite as perfect a condition as the TA but hey this beast was meant to be played. The previous owner had the pickups swapped out for a set of Seymour Duncan P-Rails and the tone pots replaced with push pull, this was all done be Robbie Gladwell at Dr Roberts and a cracking job he made of it as well. Anyways this thing is awesome I mean AWSOME DUDE totally off the charts, the range and the tone of those P-Rails is fab, plugged it through the Marshall stack and wow I was blown away even compared with my PRS or Les Paul Gary Moore, I think these come recommended!!
So I think the LP with get far more playing than the TA, the TA is definitely the finer instrument but it’s like sex the best bang is not always the prettiest on the block.