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Tour De England comes to town

Yes today was the day the Tour De England cycle race passed through the sleepy little hamlet of Halstead that I reside in, the kiddies were out flags in hand, the spectators were out cameras in hand, the punting flapped ( I’m sure there must have been) and what for. The build up was great if I saw one police motorcyclist I saw 2 dozen there were loads good to see they are keeping streets safe from those terrifying hit and run cyclists that came blazing through shortly after. And well it was all over in a flash not that that my Canon EOS 40D managed to keep up at hi motor drive on RAW for the full 30’s, I can see the appeal of a 7D now, but at least the 70-200 f4 is pretty sharp. So 5 minutes of police in advance 30’s of cyclists and 5 minutes of support vehicles in the rear and this is supposed to be a ‘green’ sport, yeah righty, a spectator sport mmm think again on both accounts.

Anyways they came and when it was over it was like yeah that was great errr but at least I have the pictures, and I can sit with my grand kids on knee and tell them of the time the Tour De England came blazing through, I can recount with awe the cheering masses, the spectacle, the excitement and yes  Grandpa was there here are the photos to prove it.

Sometimes its a shame I have no kids but geeze if they turned out like their old man even Homer Simpson would look like a model father