Web development

After 15 years in web development one would think I might have learned a thing or two and to be honest I guess I have forgotten more than I can remember, hell technology moves so fast that what was cool yesterday is well cool tomorrow but not the day after, by the day after its definitely pants!!

The explosion of social engagement and mobile technologies was pretty obvious really, its purely the extension of mans need to belong to and participate in communities of like minded individuals, to impress your friends with your latest purchase, to share the good the bad and even the ugly of your life. Add to this ones desired to always be connected with those same groups wherever you are we are, to tell the world there and then to be someone ‘important’ hence the rise of the smartphone and table and this trend is set to continue; WiFi chips inserted into the brain for always ON connectivity mark my words you read it here first.

So as the world has gotten smaller it appears our desire to feel part of the BIG picture has gotten stronger, Camerons BIG SOCIETY idea is trying to leverage that in order to get you the public to do more, meaning the government can do less and in turn you get what you want and can’t complain any more ah yes and should thus pay less tax as you provide the service not the government mmm so the idea goes iGuess (iGuess: like an iPhone, iPad or iPod just a little more personal).

Anyways so you as an individual, company or corporation should be leveraging the power of technology to engage with your customers, using the tools at hand to allow your customers to do the heavy lifting, communicating your message to the world saving you time effort and expense leaving you more time to play golf or flirt with that rather attractive individual (no sexual discrimination here) from account’s who is rather dull in the day but your sure will be an absolute hoot after work.

So where do I fit in? well like so many others I’m here to pry those cold hard £’s from your budget and to show you the light, yes that’s the correct order I am honest if nothing else. Getting your message out there through the utilization of technology and integration with social platforms you can spread your message far and wide after all why just email a few prospects when you can post to the world.

  • Server side programming technologies including ASP.Net and PHP
  • Client side JavaScript, Css, HTML
  • Databases including MySQL, SQL server, Oracle
  • Data exchange via API’s; JSON and XML
  • Monitoring, trending and analysis via web analytics; Google and Coremetrics
  • Marketing email programs and social engagement
  • Twitter and Facebook integration

Here are a few of the sites I have actively worked upon;