Gibson Les Paul Classic Premium Plus (LPPP)
The latest addition to the stable a 2000 Les Paul Premium Plus in honey burst, yes I know according to various sources these were made 1993-96 and then again they appeared in 2001-02 but I kid you not this is a 00. It has a little heritage in that it used to belong to someone mildly notorious and no were not talking Rupert Murdoch.
It has a beautiful TDF (to die for) AAA grade flamed maple top, a thin tapered 60’s neck and some say R60 bits, all I know is its set up great and plays like a dream. One of the best Les Pauls I have played, not that I can really play I normally bang the stings and make some noise but it feels goooooood and has loads of MoJo baby, in fact some say you may feel like a rockstar when you strum it!For more info on Premium Plus’s check out


2000 Gibson Les Paul Classic Premium Plus (LPPP)
Gibson Les Paul ClassicA very nice incarnation of the Les Paul, these did not have the tree trunk necks so they are really nice to play, weight wise this is just about right coming in at 9lb 2oz.
The pickups were swapped out for a set of Seymour Duncan P-Rails which really kick ass, add to that these babies are coil tapped for either that P90 or single coil sounds then you really have a versatile instrument makes one say Ooooooo, The tone controls are used for the coil tapping and as far as I can figure out one can have S-, H-, SS, HH, HS, SH, -S, -H, this is just like the PRS but I really like the tone of these Seymour Duncan P-Rails much more than the PRS pickups.
Set it up with 11’s; I have chunky fingers, so its just a sustain monster on steroids especially through the Marshall 200w stack.I do like this guitar!!


Gibson Les Paul Classic 2004
Tom Anderson Classic TNot a luthier that needs too much of an introduction, Tom Anderson produces some of the finest instruments made today and this one is no exception it play like butter its as smooth as you like but unlike a PRS it has some soul. This instrument is such a pleasure to play I just have to keep it out on a hanger so I can grab it when the urge takes me and well thats quite often.


Tom Anderson Classic T 2003
Valley Arts Standard ProMy second electric and these are pretty rare now, they were rare when I bought it and now well try finding one anywhere for sale. These are a real players instrument as played by Steve Lukather and Larry Cartlon who were a big players of these. Originally from LA sadly after a fire at the factory Mike McQuire had to sell out to Samick and after that it all went downhill; Gibson own VA now and the instruments are made in NashvilleThis has a swamp ash 7/8ths body, maple neck with rosewood board, EMG’s, Floyd Rose and locking nut.


Valley Arts Standard Pro 1993
Paul Reed Smith Single Cut TremDon’t see many of these about, when I purchased this the guy in the guitar shop plugged it in and produced such a variance of tones that well I just had to buy it. Its a fantastic player with a huge range of tones but it rarely comes out of the case, think its just a little too clinical and precise for me I like Fenders and Gibson’s they seem to have a little more soul.Mahogany body, set mahogany neck, both coils are tapped and the trem floats like a butterfly.


Paul Reid Smith Single Cut Trem 2006
Schecter Hollywood Custom LtdNow this is a rare beast, picked it up from a guy who purchased it at the London Guitar Show in 1996 from the Schecter stand, I was told it was made in their custom shop especially for the show; who knows the case still has the original masking tape lables on it. Anyways he had rarely played it and it is flawless and totally unmarked, the only way you can tell its a few years old is the gold on the trem lookign a little faded. These were made back in the days when Schecter turned out 100’s of instruments a year and not 1000’s.It has a mahogany body with a birdseye maple top, birdseye neck with rosewood finger board, Sperzel tuners, Wilkinson trem and HSS pickup config with a coil tap on the humbucker.


Schecter Hollywood Custom Ltd 1996
Gibson Gary Moore Les PaulThis is not a custom shop contrary to some people expectations, these the original series were a normal production run, Gary Moore decided against the custom shop production as he wanted the guitars to be available to normal people or so the story goes. I have two of these both mint one is a 2001 and the other and 2002, as far as I am aware these were a limited production run.AA carved maple top with a lemon burst finsh, burstbucker pups, the scratchplates have Gary Moores signature as does the cover in the case.


Gibson Gary Moore Signature 2001
Fender Custom Shop 50th Anv 1996 #1 of 5Is this rare or what its a 1996 Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster #1 of 5, got a fantastically light body a gorgeous birdseye maple neck and a hard tail. Standard 3 pups and, 5 way, 1 vol 2 tones. At the 12 fret there is a mother of pearl inlay 1946 – 1996.A truly unique instrument


Fender 1996 50th Anniversary Custom Shop
Schecter 30th Anv Stratocaster2006 Flamed maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, figured maple top on a swamp ash body, Schecter HSS configuration with a split coil in the bridge, 30th Anniversary logo inlays in mother of pearl at the 12th


Schecter 30th Anv 2006 Stratocaster
Fender Squire JV StratocasterMy first electric guitar, owned form new this 1983 Squire JV stratocaster. Sadly back in the 80’s everyone wanted a humbucker in the bridge as did I and well it got one; geeze do I kick myself. Decided to replace the scratch plate with a alloy one I personally made as I think it looks better then the plain white, gives it that little something different. Fantastic guitar all the same and a real player, got a few knocks about the body and the lacquer is coming of the fingerboard in places but generally looks road warn but then so might you if you came from 83 and well not abused but certainly used.


Fender Squire JV Stratocaster 1983
Gibson Dale Earnthardt Custom shop Signature#137 of 333, art work on the front and back of the body by Sam Bass, mother of pearl Dale Earnthardt signature inlay in the neck, the front design appears to be on a carbon fibre plate. The guitar is signed by Sam Bass on the back of the headstock and to all intense and purpose unplayed.


1999 Gibson Dale Earnthardt Signature Les Paul Custom
Gibson Dale Earnthardt Custom shop ‘Intimidator’#137 of 333, art work by Sam Bass on the front and the back, signed by Sam on the back of the headstock, mother of pearl ‘Intimidator’ inlay in the neck. The guitar strap is made from a racing harness and uses split pins as strap locks.Again this is unplayed, the guy I bought the two from was a NASCAR  fanatic and although he did not play he bought them as as memorabilia.


2000 Gibson Dale Earnhardt Intimidator Les Paul
Fender Dave Gilmour Custom Shop RelicMmmm what can I say about this, was in the local guitar shop and well it was not a hard sell!! Gilmour has been a guitar ‘hero’ of mine since I was knee high to a strat and when I had the opportunity well I just had to take it. It a  lovely instrument supposedly identical to Dave’s black strat in every nick, mark and scratch and indeed it plays well not that I have played it much I sort of fondle it 😉


2009 Fender Dave Gilmour Custom Shop relic
Fender SRV Lenny Custom ShopOne of 187 Fender Stevie Ray Vaughan SRV Lenny’s hand crafted in the Fender Custom Shop to be prefect replica of the original down to the smallest nick and scratch so one is lead to believe, the workmanship in this is quite exceptional and I hate to think how long it took no wonder it was so bloody expensive.
I have all the original case candy and packaging and no it don’t get played its a work of art and is treated as such. Anyways the Lenny come’s with 13’s as standard I mean who in their right mind would want to play 13’s, OK Stevie Ray Vaughan obviously but apart from him; 11’s are tough enough and almost shred ones fingers.
So sadly this baby stays in its rather over engineered case that weighs a bloody ton, sometimes I’m glad I’m not a roadie but then on second thoughts…..


2007 Fender Steve Ray Vaughan Lenny Custom Shop
Valley Arts Custom ProThis Valley Arts was produced in that hazy period after Mike McQuire sold the company to Samick but before he left completely and Samick relocated the factory and changed the headstock decals etc; it don’t have the Samick and Studio City logos on the headstock which Samick used later on and the Samick engraved neck plate.I also understand Valley Arts sort of used up what was left of the left over parts during this phase and these guitars were more of bitsers, but hey it plays well enough and it looks pretty cool. The body is 7/8th offset double cut strat body, I am guessing it might be a swamp ash but who knows, it has beautiful quilted maple top, bird’s-eye maple neck with what I believe to be an ebony fretboard; its certainly not rosewood and a Wilkinson vintage trem, SSS with a 5 way switch.


Valley Arts Custom Pro
Schecter 30th Anniversary PT TelecasterThis is a 30th Anniversary PT Diamond Series, mahogany body with a figured maple top, birds-eye maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard, Sperzel tuners and fixed bridge strung through the body. Has two split coil humbuckers with engraved gold covers, 30th Anniversary mother of pearl inlay at the 12th.Like the 30th Anv Strat this is a cracking instrument and typical of the quality and calibre that Schecter are known for.


Schecter 30th Anniversary Telecaster 2006
Schecter Strategy Stratocastermmm now this is made in mmm not sure where and well not sure when, I think its early to mid 80’s. In pretty good nick for its age with only minor marks on the body. It has HH configuration with split coils, floating blade trem with fine tuners and a locking nut. The neck is maple and I would expect the body is well perhaps ash but this Stratocaster weighs a massive 9Lb 1oz which is as heavy as my Les Paul Classic.Not sure if these were made in the US or in the Far East anyways its cheap and cheerful, plays OK and well hangs on the wall; if it gets a dink who cares its only rock ‘n’ roll


Schecter Strategy Strat 1984

Yes these guitars are obtainable at the right price, if your interested in any just drop me an  email and I will get back to you.