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Gibson Les Paul Classic

2004 Gibson Les Paul Classic in cherry sunburst, a very nice incarnation of the Les Paul, these did not have the tree trunk necks so they are really nice to play, weight wise this is just about right coming in at 9lb 2oz.
The pickups were swapped out for a set of Seymour Duncan P-Rails which really kick ass, add to that these babies are coil tapped for either that P90 or single coil sounds then you really have a versatile instrument makes one say Ooooooo, The tone controls are used for the coil tapping and as far as I can figure out one can have S-, H-, SS, HH, HS, SH, -S, -H, this is just like the PRS but I really like the tone of these Seymour Duncan P-Rails much more than the PRS pickups.
Set it up with 11?s; I have chunky fingers, so its just a sustain monster on steroids especially through the Marshall 200w stack, just right for those Gary Moore blues.

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