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How did it come to this

Snow in Halstead, UK

So back in good old Blighty and blimey is it cold I mean only a week ago I was lazing it up on a beach in Vietnam, well not quite Hanoi even felt cold at 17deg C think what horror awaited me as I landed at Heathrow to ZERO yes ZERO deg C !! Geeze talk about brass monkeys, I mean what happened to global warming? I was expecting to go away for a month and come back to the English Rivera, the place would have warmed up nicely in my absence in order for me to continue my existence of shorts, t-shirts and flip flops (things to Aussies) . Not bloody likely its freezing, think I might have gone soft I mean when I liked on the continent it regularly got to -5 at winter and I loved it but the UK is more like what one imagines communist Eastern Europe to have been like; dull, damp, depressing you know the 3 D’s.

Ah now thats the life

My mate Dennis Crowley that I met on my Intrepid trip

Ok so this is Dennis, he’s an Irish dude I met on the Intrepid trip I took through Cambodia and up through Vietnam. Now does this not look the idyllic lifestyle? Sand, surf, shorts yes the 3 S’s all very important. Anyways I cannot believe he enlisted me as his fashion consultant when he was buying suits and shirts made in Hoi An, I mean I think drainpipes are a pretty good idea well at least when connected to drains, gutters or other effluence systems. I mean I told him green is the new pink but did he listed hahaha well at least he got a decent suit. In Hoi An they make just about anything you want  (clothing wise)  all measured, fitted and delivered in breakneck speed, like a fully fitted shirt in a couple of hours and for the poultry sum of $8!! Luckily for him he’s off still adventuring as for me I had to return, that’s what being a grown up is all about OK for these youngsters; damn you Dennis, the trip was great and I met some excellent people on it and saw some pretty cool places. Cambodia was definitely the fav , it was like mmm raw if you can get my drift almost untouched by the tourists well apart from those young ladies and mmm questionable ladies in Siam Reap which I am sure were plenty touched (not by me I like to add) ; geeze what a way to exist. But no Cambodia was excellent I found it more of a party place than Vietnam which seemed a little to highly strung to be taken seriously, I mean if there was a country that need a holiday then Vietnam could do with a week at the beach. The loacls were really friendly and I’m not just refering to the those young ladies, ah by the way anyone know what it means if they run your forehead? I was told by Will a kiwi on the trip but I like to think he was wrong or may be not 😉 So now I have 1000’s of photos to go through but at least the Acer  netbook I bought severed its purpose real well allowing me to download the photos on the move and keep this blog going, the downloading went better than the blogging me thinks but then I am new to this so I think I did well.