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Mount Bromo

Getting up real early to see the UNESCO temples of Borobudur near Jogjakarta, it’s about a 45 minute drive from the city centre passing some of the damage inflicted by the recent volcanic eruption. Well sadly the temple was closed, not totally closed they were still obliging enough to take our money and let us walk around the outside mmmm we already knew parts were closed for cleaning thanks to the recent eruption however it did not register the extent of exclusion until one got there and the temple is not very big one can walk round the base in 5 minutes so my advice is to pass until they open it again unless you really want to be disappointed.
However thanks to that very same volcano that caused above disappointment were got to see some truly awe inspiring sights; burnt ripped trees flattener like dominos, smashed and shattered houses; a few scattered bricks and tiles strewn around the only evidence of human existence, the earth scared and torn a canyon ripped into the ground like a jelly at a kiddies birthday party where Freddy Kruger was the guest of honour and he was out for some serious fun if you get my drift. All in all it was quite breathtaking and this was only a small eruption; one has to have respect for mother nature she can be one deranged individual.
Whilst one cannot fail to be impressed one also had to feel for those that lost everything, the very object that provided them with the fertile soil to grow their crops can so quickly turn it into a moonscape.