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A cold winters day

It was a cold winters day and the night was falling,there was snow laying under my feet…..

Well its been almost a year since my last post and I feel likek it was almost an anti 365 project, sure I have taken a few photos in 2012 but was it a good year? I think not. Not much to really get excited about, or fell terribly goos about, perhaps the doom and gloom peddlers that pass for a radio station just got to me. Not that I can blame them but it felt like total lethargy last year a little like the economy. So whats one to do well I did intend to start a positive 356 project as a new years resolution but that sort of fell to the side on the 2nd with the intention that I would ‘get back onto it later in the year’ hmmm lets have a drink to that.

I feel a little like the scene I shot recently at Much Hadham in Hertfordshire, the snow had fallen as had the temperatures and although it was a very pretty scene one just did not want to hang out there too long, guess thats like the memory of last year. So a more positive note is required, a new direction, an uplift in short a change in ones life and as surely as these snows will melt I need a damn good holiday, somewhere hot, sunny and definitely not wet!