© 2011 kimyfa Colchesters abandoned dock

Been too long

Indeed sadly its feels like an eternity at sea since I last had my camera out, the vacuous period of feeling empty of creative drive and inspiration hits us all periodically I guess. But after having thrown the camera in the car for the last week or two I finally stopped and got it out; the camera that is, and buoy did it feel good. Wandered around the old abandoned doc area at Colchester a fav place of mine as I love the decay and decent into natural anarchy as nature eats into the very fabric of our achievements.

Also got to play with my new Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 that I purchased recently and yes I am impressed, used to love my Sigma 15-30mm but that went the way of the DoDo a year ago, way teasing myself with getting one of these Tokina’s since then and geeze I’m glad I did the above image was shot at 11mm f/11 hand held 2 stop bracket and then converted back in Photomatix. More on the Tokina in another post.

Got to test drive the newly acquired mini mac and that was pretty good as well, certainly felt like a little more horsepower than my PC laptop but then you know what they say about an Apple a day. It tore through several images in Photomatix HDR in no time I was rather impressed and its only a 1.83Ghz Core 2 Duo, still don’t mean I like Macs just they have their used like their PVC namesakes 😉