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Cambodia revisited

Started to dig through the pics I have taken over the last few years on my travels, I always fine at the time one is pretty dismissive of ones efforts but then you go back and revisit at a later date and it all seems to have been worth while and you even find the odd jem stuck away in some folder obscurely named. And so it has been a year and a half after my trip I look back with very fond memories and it brings a big smile to ones face, you wonder what your fellow travelers are now up to, did they keep going or did they return to suburbia and the mundane existence we call life.

I know I would rather be out there doing what I think I do best, capturing the world through the lens. The saddest thing about death is the loss of those precious memories and the history they encapsulate, I remember the stories my mother used to tell me as a child about growing up through WW2 and it saddens me to think that those memories are no longer with us and whilst we can never beat the process of time  we can preserve those memories for future generations to look back and try if they can to understand.

Geeze thats all a little deep, hey ho next trip to plan me thinks 🙂