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Warmth of summer or the autumn of despair

mmmm got up the other day looked out the window and it was foggy, damp and generally pretty dull with winter on its way but hey the weather man was predicting the record breaking temperatures for late September. So armed with my trusty Canon 40D in the car I headed to work and sure as my name is not Wilfred there was a picture to be had, as I was processing said image it somehow reminded me of the path the financial world is taking in particular the UK.
The warmth of the sunlight promising great things if it can get above the horizon whilst the signage points to tough and tight times for those that are not flexible and fleeting of foot, a single road, no turning back, not for the weak hearted I think especially when your not driving just a truck but a who country and the lives of 60 million people. hhh food for though or just a chance to catch the last few rays of summer before the cold of winter sets in??

Well as for me I think a vacation is in order 🙂