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Two by 2

So another day and another guitar, this time its a 2000 Les Paul Classic Premium Plus, a rather choice instrument if I do say worthy addition to any rockstars collection 🙂

This is my second Gibson Les Paul Classic why?, is it the solid feel, the slim tapered neck, the gorgeous top, the oh so sweet sound? Nah I just like guitar porn, you know those obscenely beautiful instruments that you love to adorn your walls and make up for the fact that you drive a Subaru 2.0 GL tractor hmmm.

Not sure what it is when you collect pairs of everything,sure there must be an ism for it; dualism yeah that sounds good or perhaps I just got a case of bipolar disorder or split personalities, yes I like the idea of schizophrenia it sort of suits my personality I think but can’t always be sure.

Anyways it gave me reason to get the camera out, been too long. Loaded up the batteries into he speedlite, got the lightbox good and close dialled down the flash power and let the aperture do the work; its easy when you read the books.